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Winter Safety Check | Climate Control Recharge

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Special Offers

Winter Safety Check and Fluid Top Ups for ONLY £45

Adverse weather conditions place heavier demands on vehicles. As temperatures drop cold starts and increased heater system use add extra strain to the battery, as do headlights and the window demisting. We check your your vehicle paying close attention to tyres ensuring pressures are correct and advise on tear condition. We add anti freeze as necessary to the engine coolant system and generally inspect the overall state of your car for the winter ahead.

Climate Control Service for ONLY £50

BMW recommend that your climate control / air conditioning system is serviced every two years to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. It may seem strange to do this in winter but an efficient air conditioning system will more rapidly demist your windows and that is why we offer this service all year but discount a little in the winter when there are fewer requests.

The gas used in these systems gradually escapes and this reduce efficiency. We remove the old gas from your system to place the air conditioning system in a vacuum state to ensure it is leak free, before recharging the system with fresh, high quality refrigerant gas and re-integrating oil into the system. Additionally, we use a disinfectant smoke inside your BMW to ensure that your air conditioning system remains smelling fresh, and free from any microbial or bacterial particles that can accumulate over time.

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