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Properly aligned wheels reduce wear and improve fuel economy

We Use The latest Four Wheel Imaging Alignment Technology

We have the latest four wheel high-definition imaging sensors wheel alignment equipment able to diagnose the minutest irregularity in wheel alignment, Glasgow

We have invested in the latest four wheel imaging alignment technology which is capable of detecting minute misalignment in your tracking to ensure that our customers get the longest wear, best control and improved fuel economy from their vehicles.

Using four stationary cameras (one for each wheel) to measure the position and orientation of alignment targets our high-definition imaging sensors continuously measure wheel target position and orientation giving multi-dimensional modeling to provide highly accurate alignment measurements. Our skilled and fully trained operatives can use either live plane mode, which uses the targets as a reference plane, or the traditional alignment mode, which uses the rack runways as a reference plane to obtain the optimum alignment for your vehicle.

You will probably know that in order to maintain proper control of your vehicle your wheels should be properly aligned otherwise the steering can become heavy or drag to one side. Most drivers only become aware of wheel misalignment when they feel it through the steering but many vehicles have misaligned wheels that do not always give this feedback to the driver. Inspect your tyres and you may notice uneven wear but by the time you do the damage is done.

Properly aligned wheels reduce wear and improve fuel economy. Wheels gradually move out of alignment through general use. Collisions with the curb or speed bumps are the worst culprits. Did you know that a mere two degrees of misalignment on both front wheels can increase fuel consumption by around 10% and that 11% of all premature tyre removals are due to uneven wear caused by wheel misalignment?

The cost of having your alignment optimised is modest when compared to the alternative. With a typical tyre costing £100 and fuel at over a £1 per litre it is easy to see how quickly the cost of this alignment can be. So when you have you car tested for its MOT, why not check the wheel alignment at the same time and save on your running costs?

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